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PAFS – Price Action Forex Signals is a comunity who wants to help every forex and CFD trader at the beginning of his journey. We take existing methods and we improve them so we can reach the best results on each instrument we trade.

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Pure Price Action

We use only Price Action principles because we strongly believe that  the price is the best indicator from the entire market.


how we do it

We Keep Our
Chart Clean

As the usual indicators / oscillators fail in the most of the cases we will teach you how to use only Price Action Principles. The key is to keep it simple.

how we do it

Earn While
You Practice

We know how hard and frustrating can be at the beginning, this is why we show you an extremely simple method, so you can earn while you learn.


As our aim is to help beginner traders, here are some features included in our services for better results and collaboration.


Once you become our client you get lifetime support regarding our signals and methods, so, you’ll never be alone.

tested strategies

Before we start sending signals on a specific method we test it for at least 6 months so we can get the best results.

live account

Every signal that we provide is also opened on our forex live account so everything is fair, clear and transparent.

risk management

We advise every trader to use a maximum risk level of 2-5% / day / trade of equity so money and account is always safe.

risk disclaimer

Trading foreign exchange or contracts for differences on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

understanding the risk

You should ensure you understand all of the risks. Before using our own setups please acknowledge the risks associated with trading.

“It is hard enough to know what the market is going to do; if you don’t know what you are going to do, the game is lost.”

– Alexander Elder –


Here are more details about what PAFS – Price Action Forex Signals means and what expectations you should have from PAFS Group Services.


The main goal of PAFS Exclusive Group is to show to beginner traders a good and tested method of trading and a good trade management;


The PAFS Trading Method is easy to use and to understand and it is suitable for either part time traders and full time traders;


An average number of signals is 2 to 3 signals per week. There can be 10 days with signal every day and 2 – 3 days in a row with no signal;


The point is not to send signals, but to send good and profitable signals. The patience is the key to a successful trading career;

PAFS Trading Method

PAFS Trading Method has 80% to 85% winning trades, so it’s important to understand that there will be also few loses;

risk management

You should not exceed 2 to 5% from your equity per trade per day. In this way you preserve your profits and you won’t be affected by losing trades;


If you have any question regarding PAFS Group Trading Method or Signals you can always send an email at contact@pafsgroup.com;


Your feedback is always welcomed, so, don’t be afraid to send us an email with your opinion (bad or good) ideas or your thoughts;


Either you choose a monthly plan or to buy the entire strategy you can start enjoy profits right away while you still learn.

PAFS Monthly Signals

You will receive our telegram and facebook signals using only the price action method improved by us with specific entry, stop loss and take profit.

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1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

PAFS Trading Method

You will receive an educational video with the entire explanation of the method, a PDF with specific indications (where to place entry, stop loss, take profit).

You’ll also get acces to a file with all the trades from the last 6 months so you can check on your own chart the price movement, so you can understand better what you have to do.